How Prison Completely Changed My Life.

A lot of people at AfterPrisonShow on YouTube have been asking me lately just what exactly I was incarcerated for…

I wanted to put together a video that would answer that fully.

What I ended up creating is what I’m calling my proudest piece yet.

A powerful video that gives viewers an in depth insight into what I was locked up for and also how I took the worst possible circumstance and turned it into an opportunity to completely change my life for the better.

Please take a moment to watch this video.

It’s titled How Prison Completely Changed My Life.





An awesome adventure and a theme park

It’s Monday morning and I’m up early for no reason pertaining to work…

I don’t have to be at my job til like 1 in the afternoon.

I don’t sleep much as it is. But on days like this where I have the chance to get some work done before I have to be at,well, “work.” I like to get an early jump on things.

Yesterday I went to a theme park with my girlfriend, brother, and nephew. And this was one of the few times I’ve had the chance to spend time with my family since being home from prison.

It was a great time too.

I had big plans to shoot an awesome video of the adventure that would be going to this theme park. And I did shoot a pretty awesome video.

But as usually what happens when a big video is planned…

Technical difficulties arose that made me have to abandon certain aspects of that awesome video idea.

I brought two cameras with me.

One for the car ride and one for in the park and on the rides.

Well, the second camera was my GoPro like camera that was too be used in the park.

It died very soon after getting inside the park. And what footage I did capture on it…


I realized yesterday just how crappy that camera really is.

Horrible picture and sound quality.

Now I have plans to either destroy the camera or sell it.

Not sure which of those options would be more satisfying at this point.


With my GoPro “knock off” out of commission, it was up to my cell phone to capture what action I could inside the park.

By the end of the day, I captured enough to put together a video I was very pleased with…

You can see that video here if you’d like.

It really was great seeing my brother and his son and having the chance to catch up with them.

We rode a lot of rides and just overall had fun!

We have plans to visit this theme park again soon and this time I’ll be a lot more prepared camera-wise.

If you don’t watch this latest video I just uploaded for any other reason, you have to watch it for the scene where my nephew is eating this chocolate and marshmallow pizza…


Here is the video.










Seeing someone that you know you’ll never see alive again…

Yesterday was a tough day.

I worked til almost 8pm last night.

I got home and took a shower. Ate dinner. And started watching netflix.

Then I got up to go outside to smoke a cigarette.

It was then that I looked at my phone and noticed that my brother had tried to get in touch with me.

He had sent me a message on Facebook asking if I still had the same phone number.

Seeing that message, I already knew what he was trying to get in touch with me about.

I went outside and as I was responding to my brothers message I noticed that my father had also tried to get in touch with me.

So I called my dad, and he told me that at 7:30pm last night, my grandmother passed away.

My family and I had not been very close because of the fact that I was always getting in trouble.

I had spent most of my adult life incarcerated and because of that, my family had distanced themselves from me.

But since coming home after a 7 year prison sentence and working extremely hard to better myself, I’ve been repairing the bridges I had burned with my family.

They gave me a chance to prove I was done with the bullshit.

And I most certainly have been.

No more bullshit.

No more trouble.

I’m older now, and I’m ready to find the success I know I can achieve.

In December of this past year, my father invited me to his home where my grandmother and aunt were visiting.

This was the first time in probably like 15 years I had seen my grandmother and aunt.

I was so happy to see them, and I had so much to tell them about.

I had just been released from prison on October 13th and since then I had been working like a mad man to find a good job, and also to get AfterPrisonShow off the ground.

I wanted to show my family all the hard work I was putting into the idea of turning my life around.

I showed my grandmother the videos we had created up until that point and she was so proud of me and what I was trying to accomplish.

I spent the afternoon at my fathers home with my grandmother and it was an amazing feeling reuniting with her.

But it was also bittersweet.

I knew leaving that afternoon that that would be the last time I would see my grandmother alive.

She had been battling cancer and it was progressively getting worse. And this reunion of sorts was just for that exact reason…

For me to see my grandmother one last time before she passed.

How the hell do you say goodbye to someone you know you will never see again.

It’s only now that shes gone that I sit and ask myself should I have done more.?

I’m sure its always like that.

My grandmother lives in Massachusetts so visiting wasn’t really feasible for me. Hell, I’m not even supposed to leave the state.

Her funeral is next Wednesday.

I’m hoping my probation will allow me to attend that.

I remember telling my grandmother that I’m really going to make something of myself. And I remember the slight skepticism I saw in her reaction to hearing that.

They had heard it all before. So I couldn’t help but accept that.

My track record isn’t exactly one to assure positive results.

But even since telling my grandmother that I’d make her proud of me one day on that afternoon at my fathers house, so many months ago, I’ve stayed the course and I’ve kept driven like no one else I know.

Her passing only intensifies that drive inside me to make it….

Not only for myself but also for my family.

I miss you Grandma Grace and I know your in a better place now watching down over me.

Even though your gone, I know your going to see me make it.

Rest in peace Grandma Grace.









































Prison Rape and Candy Bars Pt. Two

I’m going to let you in on some insider information about AfterPrisonShow…

For those of you who have been here since the days when I was in prison, and this blog first began..

And this wasn’t called The After Prison Show, ( which now has been shorten to AfterPrisonShow to coincide with the YouTube channel name.)  .

Back when this blog was called JoeWritesHisWrongs….

I made a post called Prison Rape and Candy Bars.

Well, here is the insider information about this site…

Did you know that THAT post is my TOP VIEWED POST EVER..!?


Everyday I look at the for this site and THAT POST is ALWAYS viewed..!

Sometimes even multiple times a day.!

Because of this, I almost even changed the name of my YouTube channel to the name of that post.!

With all of this being said, and known, I really wanted to make a VIDEO on my channel about the actual Prison Rape and Candy Bars post.


But the reason I haven’t done so yet, is because I couldn’t find the exact video that we had to watch when I first arrived at prison.

And believe me…

I’d been looking for it.

Well, guess what..?


This is the video I had to watch in prison that had pale little frail white kids white knuckle to the bottom of their seats…

Truth be told, I was, too…

I’m going to make a video for AfterPrisonShow on YouTube using this video, and offering my take on the things they talk about in it.

That will be coming soon…

But I figured all of you who do take the time to check out this blog and have dealt with my serious bouts of infidelity… (Yes, YouTube is my true heart. I’m sorry. lol)

All of you deserve a treat.

Flowers would be ideal. But in place of that, how about a REAL LIVE “PRISON RAPE AND CANDY BARS VIDEO…?”

What follows is the video I just recently found…

That is very “GRIPPING…”

Maybe a poor choice of words.

Still, this is the Prison Rape and Candy Bars video I had to watch in prison. And that I’ll soon be making MY OWN VIDEO based off…


BTW. The sound quality on this video is very low for some reason.


























Offerup has some pretty dumb people on it…

I just learned about Offerup this week. And while doing so, I find the app to be pretty useful.

Well, that is if I could get anyone on there to actually sell me what they are advertising for sale…


I’ve seriously wanted to buy like two different things from this app. And everytime I attempt to buy something. I get bullshitted…

Why are you advertising something for sale if your NOT EVEN GOING TO SELL IT..!?

But thats not even what this is all about, actually.

If fact, what this really is about is some of the dumb shit you see on this app that people are TRYING TO SELL..!!

My goodness…

I’ve seen some dumb shit up there already in just the WEEK that I’ve known about it.

So much in fact, that I actually just made a video about a few of these crackhead bargains.!!

I hope you’re interested to see just what I’ve ran across on this app. And if so, click here for more.

Also, if you are familiar with the Offerup app, please comment and let me know some of the strange things you’ve seen OFFERED for sale.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post.

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!














So I’ve been doing a lot of videos lately in between working my ass off. And one of the topics I’ve done lately deals with the wack jobs you meet on a website called Omegle.

If you have lived under a rock for the last decade as I have…

Well, you know, with the whole me being incarcerated for 7 of the last 8 years; you may not be familiar with this website.

If that is the case, I will explain to you what Omegle is…

This is a website where you are able to web-chat with random people from all over the world..!

What a magnificent way to meet new and interesting people! One would think…

Unfortunately, though, it seems perverted men have overthrown something that once was probably so pure and decent and have turned it into a haven of blatant and disgusting filth…

Literally, like 90% of what you will see if you so dare to visit this website  is grown and old men masturbating.

Once in a blue moon you do run the chance of meeting someone who is not there for nefarious reasons and you can actually have a normal and interesting conversation with someone from any stretch of the globe.

But you will have to see a lot of penises before that happens, I’m sorry to say.

I mention this website first and foremost because it is paramount to this story…

After, I crawled out from under the rock it would seem I’ve lived under for the last decade, I found this website. And I realized I could funny videos EXPOSING these grown men who were EXPOSING themselves.

Footnote to all this…

There are KIDS on this website, as well.

So I caught myself carrying out vigilante justice by going on Omegle and recording every encounter just so I could compile footage of these perverts and expose them on videos on AfterPrisonShow 

If your interested in seeing me go after these perverted bastards and exposing them, check check out the two links included here for more. And let me know what you think…!


















How to make a prison tattoo gun

Tattoo is a major hustle for guys in prison.

In fact, for many years while I was incarcerated, it was how I survived.

There is good money to be made as a tattoo artist in prison. But it’s a hustle that comes with a lot of risk.

If caught, you could wind up in solitary for months..!

To most, this is worthy risk to reward venture to dive into…

Prisoners looking for ink on the inside are willing to pay for tattoos in a number of different ways that could make your stay behind the fence a lot more comfortable.

Prisoners often pay in commissary items, like food and hygiene products…

-Money orders sent to anyone on the outside you have who is willing to receive them…

-Money put on a prisoners phone account…

-Or things worthy of being traded for tattoo work…

–Porn magazines…

–Electronic items…

Yes, being a tattoo artist in prison certainly has it’s perks…

But how does one acquire the necessary items needed in prison to build a tattoo gun, and then build a machine that will have them potentially living the good life on the inside..?

Well I’m about to show you in depth…

I’m going to show you everything you need and just how to put together a working tattoo gun that will have you tattooing in no time..!


Then let’s go..!



















Can this week be a lot less violent and hateful than last week, please.

What’s going on everyone it’s Monday and the start of a new week.

Unfortunately, though. The end of the last week was pretty sad as even more violence erupted this time in Louisiana.

I tweeted my #mondaymotivation saying I hope this week is a lot less violent and hateful.

Truly, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families of this past weeks violence all over the world.

As it might appear, I am trying to get back to this blog. Something that I have been missing and slacking on for quite awhile now.

The only justification I can offer for my lack of posting here is that I have been working a hell of lot at my job.

Yep, I’m still at the concrete plant. I had posted about getting hired there months back. And where I saw a man killed today at my job…

Well, not today, did that happen. It actually happened months ago. And when I wrote that post it was literally like an hour after it happened.

But, yes!

I am still gainfully employed at the concrete plant where “it is hot as all outdoors.”

And just recently, I even got a raise to 14 dollars an hour!

Not bad for a guy who has been out of prison now for about 10 months!

Also, I am still working on The After Prison Show on YouTube.

I have big plans for that channel and I try to upload new videos once a week there.

I have even acquired quite a bit a filming equipment! So my video quality has improved quite a bit, as well.

As a guy who doesn’t drive due to a ton of court fines… ( 15,000 dollars to be specific. Of which 1,600 I have already payed thanks to my job. ) I’ve had to become a very frequent user of Uber and Lyft.

I used these services about 10 times a week.

But throughout my experiences with these services, I have come to realize that there are some drivers who will make you feel like you are on an episode of Undercover Boss.

Not sure what I mean by that.

Well, check out this for more.

And that’s about it for now. It’s 9:30 am on this sunny and hot Monday. And I have to be at work today at 12.


I get to go to work jusssst when it’s going to be getting BRUTALLY hot today.

But even with that, I’m grateful to have this job and I welcome the heat-stroke type conditions with open arms. Because if not for this job, I would not be anywhere near as close to actually getting ahead as I am now.

Have a great week. And thank you for stopping by!
















3 Men shot while sitting in the wrong neighborhood

This is a video that has blown up in my local area here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Basically the back story to this video is that these three guys had some beef with some other guys from the neighborhood they were shot in.

These guys thought nothing would happen if they went to their neighborhood and sat in the car, smoking weed, and listening to music. But as you’ll see in this video, that wasn’t the case at all.

The video is long ( over an hour. ) But if you skip to about 5 mins and 30 seconds into it, that is were I would suggest you start from. Because soon thereafter, is when all hell breaks loose.

Also, keep watching it after the endless amount of gun shots, because it gets very real after that.

This is as close as you can get to what the violence is like out here in the streets without actually going through it yourself.

Also, welcome to for those of you who may not be familiar with this site.

I’m Joe a guy who has served 7 years in prison for non violent drug and weapons possession charges.

I have been through a hell of a journey incarcerated, and since being released from prison and trying to get my life back on track.

I also shoot videos for YouTube about all of this and more.

If you’d like, please follow and also subscribe to us as well on YouTube.

Click here to watch this 3 men shot while sitting in a car in the wrong neighborhood.

I saw a man killed today at my job…

Would you take a plea deal for 25 years..?

A woman murders her husband after 6 YEARS of abuse… Did she deserve prison time..?